Pittsburgh tragedy helped build deep interfaith cooperation

February 28, 2020

“The Quran tells us red and yellow are the most distracting colors, the ones that should not ever be used for a prayer rug,” the imam tells us, looking down at the red and yellow rug beneath our feet in the mosque. He adds, “It was a donation, there was nothing I could do about the improper coloring.”

“Why don’t people know what the Quran has to say about these things?” my teenage daughter asks.

“Well,” he explains, “there is a lot to know: 6,000 sutras, 20,000 hadiths and 100,000 stories about the life of Muhammad.”


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Based in Troy, Michigan, the Troy Interfaith Group (TIG) convenes several local houses of workshop for interfaith events and programs.

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“State of Formation is a forum for emerging religious and ethical leaders. Founded by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, it is run in partnership with Hebrew College and Andover Newton and in collaboration with the Parliament of the World’s Religions.”

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The U.S. chapter of Religions for Peace International, an interfaith peace coalition that mobilizes to address social problems.

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A “non-partisan, grassroots network of faith communities and individuals” whose mission is “to enable metro Detroit to navigate the challenging transitions of a diverse city building a community of mutual cooperation and friendship.”