Building interfaith community at work

September 10, 2020

There are lots of ways to be an “only” at work; mine has always been my faith. I’m a visibly Muslim woman who’s been wearing a headscarf, aka hijab, since I was 16 years old, out of my own desire and love for my faith. In the month of Ramadan I fast in an office filled with free snacks, regular lunch meetings and all the coffee one’s heart can desire. I strive to pray five times a day, which can be hard when there’s no space to pray at work.

I don’t drink alcohol and feel a bit uncomfortable at bars and happy hours where much of the team building and socializing happens. And I...

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Interfaith program for middle-schoolers moves online this year

September 8, 2020

As the new school year begins with several drastic changes and some confusion, change is also knocking on the door of the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit’s Religious Diversity Journeys program. 

The six-month program starting in November is designed to bridge the gap between different faith groups for seventh-graders inMacomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.


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Minnesota Multi-faith Network

The mission of the Minnesota Multi-faith Network is to be the statewide network supporting faith and interfaith leaders and organizations who work for a more just and loving world. MnMN believes that a network approach will help communities of faith fully realize their potential to mobilize the broader community to address critical issues affecting our common life, particularly: divisive and destructive intergroup relationships; disparities of privilege, opportunity, equity and quality of life; and degradation of the environment.


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Akron interfaith vigil confronts racism, police violence

September 1, 2020

Demetrus Vinson. Jeffery Stephens.

These are the names of Akron residents who, like countless other Black Americans, have died following encounters with law enforcement. They were honored Sunday during an interfaith vigil to confront racism and end police brutality.

About 200 people gathered in the parking lot of Second Baptist Church in Akron to attend “Stand Together: Interfaith Vigil Against Racism.” The vigil was sponsored by the Akron Interfaith Social Justice Group in collaboration with the Akron Area Interfaith Council and drew remarks from local faith...

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JewBelong Makes Rosh Hashanah Observance Accessible

September 1, 2020

Archie Gottesman, one of JewBelong’s principal founders, understands if her organization isn’t quite the right fit for someone. JewBelong’s “disclaimer” states: “JewBelong’s mission is to welcome people to Judaism with Jewish readings and rituals that many people can relate to. And guess what, JewBelong isn’t for everyone. This should not be shocking. Hell, Jews have a hard time agreeing on anything, you really think they are all going...

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Faith and Culture Center

Faith Culture CenterWebsite:
There is nothing more familiar and human than breaking bread around a table with friends and neighbors. But when a global pandemic enters the scene, this familiar picture is interrupted, leaving individuals to reinvent how they gather. For the Nashville-based interfaith non-profit, Faith and Culture Center (FCC), the COVID-19 pandemic meant a total restructuring of their cornerstone program, A Seat at the Table (ASATT), and developing new modes of virtual interfaith gathering and education.... Read more about Faith and Culture Center

Faith Forward Dallas

The mission of Faith Forward Dallas is to foster and sustain the multi-faith fabric of the community by celebrating diversity and building strong relationships. Made up of a diverse coalition of Dallas' faith leaders who are dedicated to service, hope, and a shared vision of peace and justice, the organization offers support, solidarity and a voice for those without a voice through civic engagement and educational partnerships.

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