Update: Interfaith Prayers at Muncie City Hall

April 14, 2003

Source: The Associated Press

On April 14, 2003 The Associated Press reported that "a Christian-centered prayer service at Muncie's [IN] city hall excluding other faiths has prompted plans for a rival interfaith gathering for the same day and place... Unitarian Universalist minister Thomas Perchlik said he regrets that the May 1 observation of the National Day of Prayer...

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Second Annual Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade

April 13, 2003

Source: The Argus

On April 13, 2003 The Argus reported that "even though this is only its second year, today's Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade will have an old soul... The theme is 'Ancient Voices,' honoring nature-based traditions throughout history that have 'revered the Earth as a church itself, the divinity within and around,' said parade organizer Micha Dunston... 'In Interfaith dialogue, the word pagan represents people who follow indigenous, tribal, polytheistic, nature-based and Earth-based beliefs,' Dunston said. 'So you have anything from...

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New Muslim Community Center Planned for Amherst

April 11, 2003

Source: Gazette

On April 11, 2003 the Gazette reported that "a new Muslim community center is planned for University Drive [in Amherst, MA], with the goal of providing both a place of worship and interfaith education... Mohammad Idrees of Blackberry Lane was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of 5.79 acres of vacant land between Newmarket Center and the Eastern Pulp...

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Faith-Based Initiative Passes Senate

April 10, 2003

Source: The New York Times

On April 10, 2003 The New York Times reported that "a pared version of President Bush's religion-based initiative passed the Senate today by an overwhelming margin, but Republicans are already using other legislation to press the White House's agenda of expanding government grants to religious groups... The measure approved today began as an effort to allow churches, synagogues and...

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ACLU Calls for Compromise on FBCI

April 8, 2003

Source: ACLU

On April 8, 2003 ACLU reported that "the American Civil Liberties Union today called a Senate compromise on legislation to implement parts of President Bush’s faith-based initiative a strong signal to the White House that it should abandon efforts to allow religious groups benefiting from taxpayers’ dollars to discriminate based on religion in their...

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Update: Good News Rescue Mission Welcomes Sikhs

April 3, 2003

Source: Record Searchlight

On April 3, 2003 the Record Searchlight reported that the "Good News Rescue Mission has notified local Sikhs that their services are no longer welcome... A March 27 letter from mission director the Rev. Jim Dahl to Kawaljit Singh followed an earlier conversation between the men. Singh said Dahl's message was clear in the two-page...

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Columbus International Airport Offers Meditation Room for its Customers

April 1, 2003

Source: Senior Source

On April 1, 2003 Senior Source reported that "Port Columbus International Airport 'provide[s] space for a meditation room as a service to our customers'... The Airport Authority has provided space for the Interfaith Meditation Room since 1992, according to the Rev. Donald Pendell, a retired Presbyterian minister. He is the president of the port Columbus Interfaith Center and Meditation Room, the organization that supports the place Pendell calls the 'oasis of quietness.'

Prayers for World Peace in Maryland

March 31, 2003

Source: The Baltimore Sun

On March 31, 2003 The Baltimore Sun reported that "overcome with emotion, Kay Ballard had to pause several times during yesterday's Prayers for World Peace, an event she coordinated to bring a diverse range of spiritual leaders to talk about peace... On the 12th day of the war in Iraq, Ballard gathered spiritual leaders to deliver their individual messages of peace. A rabbi spoke about making peace an active pursuit, while an imam talked about how the word peace in Arabic is a part of daily life... Interspersed in the two-hour...

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Editorial: True Religious Tolerance

March 31, 2003

Source: Columbia Daily Spectator

On March 31, 2003 the Columbia Daily Spectator published an editorial by Jennifer Thorpe stating that "in today's interconnected world, we as students and members of society are learning increasingly about other people's religious beliefs and spiritual practices. We must confront issues of religious tolerance and how nowhere in the world does universal religious tolerance exist in practice. I was raised as a Jew by a Jewish mother and a Catholic father... They may have raised me Jewish, but they only really cared that I...

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Interfaith Prayer Event in Oklahoma

March 29, 2003

Source: The Daily Oklahoman

On March 29, 2003 The Daily Oklahoman reported that "When Muslim John Graff watches television news coverage of the war in Iraq, he admits to having mixed emotions... There is a sense of distaste resulting from the harmful things Saddam Hussein and his regime have done to the Iraqi people. Yet, Graff said there is the hesitancy to support the American military going in 'full force' to stop the Iraqi leader, because the Iraqis in the middle are 'our brothers and sisters...' Unitarian clergyman Mark Christian said he understands...

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Flint Seder Draws Interfaith Crowd

March 29, 2003

Source: The Flint Journal

On March 29, 2003 The Flint Journal reported that "more than 80 adults and children shared food, drink and information Tuesday at Congregation Beth Israel as they joined in an interfaith seder, the feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt... The seder drew...

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