Vietnamese Christian Minister in Action

April 4, 1998

Source: Orange County Register

Rev. Bao Xuan Nguyen, a Vietnamese Christian is called "pastor to the world." On April 4, 1998, the Orange County Register ran an article entitled "Power of Love" which profiled him and his action ministry.

Quincy's History Takes New Turn With Asian Immigration

March 8, 1998

Source: The Boston Globe

On March 8, 1998 The Boston Globe reported, "To measure this city's ethnic transformation, the Francis W. Parker elementary school in North Quincy is a good place to start. For generations, the students who filled the Parker's classrooms reflected the overwhelmingly white neighborhood around it. But Quincy has become a different city. An Asian migration that began as a trickle in the late 1970s picked up speed in the '80s and continues to gain momentum through the '90s has dramatically changed the look of the city. At the Parker...

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Pagans Establish Fund to Assist African-American Congregations

August 17, 1997

Source: Pagan Educational Network

On August 17, 1996 the Pagan Educational Network released a press release stating that "In response to the burning of African-American churches across the South, the Pagan Community Fund (PCF) and the Pagan Educational Network (PEN) announce the birth of the Yemaya Fund... The birth of this fund springs from PCF's mission to assist those in need regardless of their faith and PEN's commitment to build community and religious freedom for all."