(also: Virgin Mary, The Virgin, Madonna) Mary was the mother of Jesus and, as such, has a special place in the affection and devotion of Christians. The Gospels of Luke and Matthew speak of her as a Virgin who conceived Jesus by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Devotion to the Virgin Mary, also called the Madonna, is especially important in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. In the Orthodox tradition she is known as Theotokos, or God-bearer.

King, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) was one of America’s most renowned Christian leaders. After earning his Ph.D. from Boston University, King became minister of a Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama, where he led the successful non-violent bus boycott, bringing about an end to the segregation of the city’s transportation system. He is remembered for his strong role in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (beginning in 1957), in the Selma to Montgomery March (1965), in the March on Washington (1965), and for his leadership in the Civil Rights movement throughout...

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Reformed Christianity

The Reformed churches are churches that are part of the Calvinist branch of the Protestant Reformation. They include many European churches in Switzerland, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Scotland. The Presbyterian churches are part of the Reformed family. In the U.S. the Dutch Reformed Church and New England Puritans (Congregationalists) were an early presence, as were German Reformed churches and Presbyterians. Today the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, based in Geneva, includes Reformed churches from 86 countries.

Philadelphian Society

A Protestant group formed in England during the 17th century and led by John Pordage, an Anglican priest, and Jane Leade, a Christian Universalist and mystic. Pordage and Leade taught that God is present in all creation and that virtuous living and the search for truth is the path to enlightenment.