World Council of Churches

A Geneva-based fellowship of over 340 member churches in 120 countries, representing the entire spectrum of Protestant and Orthodox churches.

United Methodist Women

One of the largest Protestant women’s organizations in the United States; offers programs, advocacy, mission work, and outreach.

United Methodist Church

The mission, beliefs, history, policies, and social creed of the United Methodist Church, America’s third largest Christian denomination.

Southern Baptist Convention

America’s largest Protestant denomination, a largely conservative Baptist consortium with over 42,000 member churches.


A bi-monthly publication by United Methodist Women on issues of mission work.

Presbyterian Church, USA

Beliefs and programs of America’s largest Presbyterian denomination; addresses the political, social, and ethical issues of today.

Orthodox Church in America

An English-speaking Orthodox Church with roots in Russian Orthodoxy which seeks to include a wide range of American Orthodox Christians.

National Council of Churches of Christ

A broad ecumenical coalition of Christian churches, engaging 36 Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, historic African-American and Living Peace denominations, and speaking to the critical issues of the world.