Advent and Christmas

Advent and ChristmasAdvent is a four-week season of preparation for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ. The prominence of Christmas in American culture has led to the popularization of Christmas carols and the figure of Santa Claus. Traditions particular to certain expressions of Christianity, such as the Mexican posada, preserve other, distinctly religious forms of celebrating Christmas.... Read more about Advent and Christmas

Service and Mission

Service and MissionSome Christians understand their faith to be a call to action for social justice. As members of a “mission” community, these Christians go into the world to create new church communities, address political and social issues, and meet immediate human needs, providing food, housing, and healthcare.... Read more about Service and Mission

The Power of Prayer

The Power of PrayerFrom Pentecostal utterances to silent monastic contemplation, prayer is central to Christian life. Prayer can be communal or individual; it might consist of well-established texts, like the Lord’s Prayer, or spontaneous thoughts. Through varied postures, actions, and settings of prayer, Christians engage with God.... Read more about The Power of Prayer

Gospel Music

Gospel MusicGospel music developed among black Christians in the United States. Informed by the “ring-shouts” of enslaved people, the gospel genre moved into urban centers during the 20th century and became increasingly widespread in both religious and popular secular contexts.... Read more about Gospel Music

Sharing the Bread of Life

Sharing the Bread of LifeThe central Christian rite is the Eucharist, a shared meal of bread and wine. For some Christians, the bread and wine, consecrated by a priest, are the real body and blood of Jesus; for others, the sacraments are powerful symbolic reminders of the meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion.... Read more about Sharing the Bread of Life

Church: Space and Spirit

Church Space and SpiritFor Christians, the word “church” refers both to Christian communities (ranging from single congregations to all of the religion’s worldwide adherents) and to the buildings where they gather to worship, pray, and spend time together. These structures also vary in size; some are single-room sanctuaries, while others are immense megachurches.... Read more about Church: Space and Spirit

Life and Teachings of Jesus

Life and Teachings of Jesus

The Christian Bible’s New Testament includes the Gospels, four different chronicles of the life of Jesus.  These books are foundational for Christian belief and practice, sharing the story of Jesus' birth, baptism and revolutionary teachings, as well as affirming him as the Messiah.... Read more about Life and Teachings of Jesus

A Worldwide Tradition

A Worldwide Tradition

For the past two thousand years, Christian traditions that trace their teachings back to the life of Jesus have expanded and spread. Contemporary Christianity consists of three major branches (the Catholic Church, Orthodox Christian churches, and Protestantism) and claims more followers than any other religion—including just over 70% of the American population.... Read more about A Worldwide Tradition

Six Faiths: A rainbow of religions span spiritual spectrum

August 23, 2019

Tallahassee is much like other mid-size cities in the American South — it takes its religion seriously. Just under 50% of Tallahasseeans consider themselves religious and practice their faiths.

And in our city, there are many faiths to choose from. From established Christian traditions, including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical practices to Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Bah’i and Judaism, there is a worship service available.

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