Surveillance of Immigrants from 24 Muslim States Continues

October 27, 2006

Author: Moinuddin Naser (trans)

Source: Weekly Thikana


A case has been brought against the Department of Homeland Security seeking information about the strict regulations the United States administration has instituted for immigrants from 24 Muslim countries, including those from Bangladesh.

The case, filed by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington D.C.,...

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U.S. Muslims Are Leaning Democratic

October 25, 2006

Author: Bethe Dufresne

Source: The Day


A survey released Tuesday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations shows Muslim voters to be religiously diverse, well-integrated into American society, highly educated, politically active and gravitating toward the Democratic Party.

Forty-two percent of Muslims surveyed said they belonged to the Democratic...

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A Muslim Pope Luther?

October 23, 2006

Author: Martin Marty

Source: Martin Marty Center


Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, a.k.a. Paracelsus, was challenged by authorities who called him the Luther of medicine. "Why do you call me a medical Luther?... I leave it to Luther to defend what he says, and I will be responsible for what I say." I thought about P.A.T.B.v.H. this week while...

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Shalom TV Presents a "Panorama of Jewish Life"

October 20, 2006

Author: Kristin E. Holmes

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer


The door opens to Mr. Bookstein’s Store, and the children’s world inside seems to answer the following question: What if Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood were Jewish?

Shifra, Dara and the fuzzy puppet Fella sing about high holiday traditions and culture. The songs...

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Buddhist Nun in Israel to Teach Meditation

October 20, 2006

Author: Ryan Nadel

Source: The Buddhist Channel


The Upper Galilee's natural tranquility has been enhanced recently by the presence of Venerable Tenzin Palmo, one of the first Western women ordained as a Buddhist nun.

The Dharma Friends of Israel, an Israeli network of individuals who study and practice Buddhism and meditation, regularly brings teachers of Buddhism to the...

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Becket Fund, NAACP Square Off Over Jewish Medical Center

October 19, 2006

Source: Becket Fund, The


“The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has taken an unexpected turn down a dangerous path,” said Kevin “Seamus” Hasson, founder and president of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty as his firm signed on to help represent a Jewish clinic being challenged by the...

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Governor Rivals Spar on Religion

October 18, 2006

Author: Mark P. Couch

Source: The Denver Post


Colorado's leading candidates for governor sparred over the proper role of church and state Tuesday evening at a debate sponsored by Denver-area Jewish groups.

Democrat Bill Ritter left Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez speechless after criticizing Beauprez's running mate, Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland. Ritter said churches, synagogues and mosques can...

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Meal, Prayers Shared by Faith Groups

October 11, 2006

Author: Geoffrey D. Brown

Source: The Frederick News-Post


An interfaith dialogue among Muslims, Christians and Jews is gaining momentum almost two months after the Frederick County Islamic community's spiritual leader called for increased religious tolerance.

The Islamic Society of Frederick welcomed people of all faiths Monday at a community...

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Jewish, Muslim Women Live Together to Seek Peace, Understanding

October 9, 2006

Source: International Herald Tribune

Wire Service: AP


About a dozen women students, including a handful of Muslims and Jews, are living together at Rutgers University as they work toward ideals that have seemed out of reach for years in the Middle East: peace and understanding.

Rutgers was to hold a dedication ceremony Monday evening for...

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In US, Ramadan Gets an American Twist

October 6, 2006

Author: Omar Sacirbey

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


Aaliyah Turner used to light up the scoreboards for the Emmanuel College women's basketball team - even while observing the Islamic month of Ramadan. She would go all day without food and water until half time, when the sun set. So during this year's observance, playing a pickup game of basketball with a youth team organized through her...

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Group Opposed to Roxbury Mosque Sues BRA for Documents

October 6, 2006

Author: Charles A. Radin

Source: The Boston Globe


The David Project, a non profit Jewish advocacy organization, yesterday charged in Suffolk Superior Court that the Boston Redevelopment Authority is withholding public records related to the authority's sale of land to the Islamic Society...

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Faiths Meet to End Fast

October 3, 2006


Source: The Harvard Crimson


Over 100 members of Harvard's Jewish and Muslim communities packed Ticknor Lounge last night to break their religious fasts together.

In an event organized by the Harvard Islamic Society (HIS) and Harvard Hillel, Muslim and Jewish students feasted on falafel and hummus after sundown to break the fasting observed during Yom Kippur and Ramadan....

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