In the sacred stillness of Arlington National Cemetery

November 11, 2019
While many Americans perceive Veterans Day as just another holiday that features special sales at countless shopping malls, that is not my view of November 11th. It has always been a solemn season of remembrance. Last week my wife, Marcia, and my nephew Andrew Rudin visited Arlington National Cemetery, where my father and mother are buried. We were there to visit my parents’ grave and to recite the traditional kaddish, the Jewish prayer that is said in memory of a deceased loved one. Source: ... Read more about In the sacred stillness of Arlington National Cemetery

Here’s The Best Of #Jewish TikTok

November 7, 2019
It took me just five minutes of TikTok streaming to come upon a video of a teenager dressed as “Harry Potter” spinoff character Newt Scamander doing American Sign Language over a recording of comedian John Mulaney riffing on Jewish women. Further down the page — an eye-rolling girl gave a tour of her parents’ mezuza collection, a boy in a hoodie reenacted the ancient conquests of Jerusalem with reality TV dialogue, and a girl and her mom... Read more about Here’s The Best Of #Jewish TikTok


Siddur means “order,” and is the common term used for the Jewish prayerbook.

Jewish Renewal

Jewish Renewal refers to a wide variety of contemporary Jewish movements that emphasize Jewish mystical spirituality, Jewish visionary reform, Jewish social conscience, and Jewish participation in tikkun olam, the “repair of the world.”

Numbers, Book of

The fourth book of the Humash or Five Books of Moses, Numbers (or Bamidbar, meaning ‘In the Wilderness’) details the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness, including the formative events of the twelve spies journeying into Canaan, the rebellion of Korach, the wars against the nations of Moab and Edom, and the deaths of Moses’ siblings, Aaron and Miriam.

Hanukkah; Chanukah

Hanukkah means, literally, "dedication." It is the eight-day Jewish holiday celebrating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was reclaimed from the Seleucid Greeks in 167 BCE. Hanukkah is celebrated with the kindling of the menorah lights and the giving of gifts.

Yom ha-Shoah

Yom ha-Shoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day has been added to the yearly Jewish calendar in order to remember the Holocaust or Shoah, and thus to insure that such a crime against humanity will not be repeated again. Most importantly, it is a day to remember what was lost.


Noah was the descendant of Adam whose story is told in the biblical narrative of Genesis 6-9. He built an ark and saved himself and his family from a flood, taking with him pairs of animals of all kinds. After the earth was devastated by flood, God made a covenant with Noah, sealed by the rainbow, never again to destroy the earth. Noah is also cited as a prophet in the Qur’an.


Havdalah means distinction or division, referring specifically to the Jewish ritual that marks the end of Shabbat, the distinction between the holy day and the weekday.


Haroset is a mixture of finely chopped apples, walnuts, and wine served during the Passover meal and popularly said to symbolize the mortar used by the Israelite slaves in Egypt in building for their oppressors.

Moses; Musa

Moses is a Biblical prophet who is credited with leading the people of Israel out of Egyptian bondage and teaching them the divine laws at Mount Sinai. The story of Moses is told in the book of Exodus in the Bible and is also told in the Qur’an, where this prophet is called Musa.


Clergy are the body of ordained men (and in some cases women) who are authorized to perform the priestly, pastoral, or rabbinical duties of the community—as distinct from the laity whom they serve.