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Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America

Originally erected in Stockton, California in 1987, the Tsubaki America Shrine was the first Shinto shrine built in mainland America. In May, 2001, this shrine was combined with Kannagara Jinja, outside of Seattle, Washington, as Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.

Shinto Purification Rituals

This site offers explanatory text and video clips giving an aesthetic interpretation of Shinto purification rituals.

Shinto Online Network Association

Run by volunteer priests from The Association of Shinto Shrines, this site encourages accurate understanding of the Shinto religion.

Shinto-A Philosophical Introduction

Introduction to Shinto including links to shrines, Shinto glossary and a regularly updated section discussing issues including art, books, gender and myth.

Encyclopedia of Shinto

“Establishment of a National Learning Institute for the Dissemination of Research on Shinto and Japanese Culture”; publication of Kokugakuin University.