Shintō in Boston

Though there are significant Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean immigrant communities in Greater Boston, East Asian traditions such as Confucianism, Daoism, and Shintō are difficult to survey as there are very few religious centers. These traditions are deeply imbedded in the unique history, geography, and culture of their native countries and are often practiced in forms that are not limited to institutional or communal settings.


The Shintō tradition is deeply linked with the Japanese land and people. Spiritual sensitivity to natural landmarks and the reverence for the spirits that reside in the natural world foster appreciation for Shinto practice in America. Shinto priests make offerings to the local kami (deity), and are also called upon to perform purification ceremonies for groundbreakings and businesses. In Greater Boston, the Shintō tradition does not have a large presence, as there are no local shrines. However, many devotees have private shrines and maintain a dedicated Shintō practice in the privacy of their homes.

Shintō Religious Centers in Boston

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