Pagan Centers in Boston

Church of Ildanach (All Craftsmen)-ATC

This data was last updated on 25 July 2019.

Address: Shirley , MA 01464

History: The Church's foundation is that of Ildanach (All Craftsman) Coven, founded in 1990 by Paul Cognata and Geraldine (Sherry) Bertoni in the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca. This Coven is the third generation from the original Alexandrian...

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Cornucopia Collective

This data was last updated on 26 January 2021.


Mission: “It is the mission of Cornucopia Collective… is to create a focal point for a reliable Pagan spiritual community that embraces diversity and provides Boston area Pagans with access to public ritual, thoughtful religious education and compassionate support.”

History: The Cornucopia Collective officially began...

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EarthSpirit Community

This data was last updated on 29 June 2018.

Address: P.O. Box 723, Williamsburg, MA 01096
Phone: 413-238-4240

Description: Founded by Andras Corban Arthen and Deirdre Pulgram Arthen in 1980, EarthSpirit serves Boston's large community of Pagans and organizes seasonal religious observances which are open to the community at large. They publish EarthSpirit, a...

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Knights Templar Oasis

This data was last updated on 1 October 2018.

Address: 203 Washington Street, MB #233, Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-880-2921

History: The Knights Templar Oasis, the Massachusetts chapter of the global Ordo Templi Orientis, was first established in Cambridge, Massachusetts on September 5, 1990. Founding members sought to establish an O.T.O. chapter in...

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Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Grove

This data was last updated on 26 February 2015.

Address: 124 Federal Street, Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-741-9297

History: Our Lord and Lady of Trinacrian Rose Church was founded in 1993 by the Reverend Lori Bruno and a board of directors. The Church is incorporated as 501c3 religious body in Massachusetts, granting it the right to perform legally binding...

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Society of Elder Faiths

This data was last updated on 1 August 2018.

Address: P.O. Box 79, Georgetown, MA 01833
Phone: 508-918-9786

History and Mission: In 1996, several members of the New England Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (NELCCoG) decided to form a group "in order to provide services to the local Pagan community which require a larger scale, more formal organizational structure than our individual covens can...

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