Wiccan Priestess Harassed Following Challenge to Town Council

September 19, 2004

Source: The State (S.C.)


On September 19, 2004 the The State (S.C.) reported, "[Darla Kaye Wynne] said she has endured escalating harassment from townspeople hostile to her religion and her lawsuit. That harassment, according to Wynne and police reports, recently included someone’s breaking into her home and beheading one of her beloved parrots, an African gray she named 'Little One'... She said the parrot’s death is just the latest and most violent in a series of attacks against her animals, including the deaths of several cats and the beating of one of her Yorkshire terriers. Town officials and town attorneys said they know about the violent acts against Wynne’s pets and property and don’t in any way condone them. Police Chief Mike Revels said Little One’s killing, like previous incidents, is being investigated."