Vatican Expresses Concerns over "Wave of Hate" Following Pope's Comments

September 17, 2006

Source: The Guardian/The Press Association,,-6086400,00.html

On September 17, 2006 The Press Association reported, "Pope Benedict has tried to dampen the furore over his remarks about Islam saying he was 'deeply sorry' about the anger they had caused. But there were fears that the violent reaction to his comments would continue as an Italian nun was shot dead in Somalia. The Vatican said it hoped the 'wave of hate' sweeping the world did not lead to 'grave consequences' for the church. Elsewhere there was a mixed reaction to the Pope's attempt to assuage his critics, with some calling off protests but others saying it was not enough. Benedict said comments that the prophet Mohammed had brought 'things only evil and inhuman', which he had quoted in a speech, did not reflect his own view. The pontiff said he hoped the explanation would 'appease hearts' and make clear that he in fact wished for 'frank and sincere dialogue.'"