U.S. Commends Sierra Leone on Religious Tolerance

September 29, 2004

Source: AllAfrica.com/The Independent (Freetown)


On September 29, 2004 The Independent (Freetown) reported, "On September 16, the United States Department of State in the US rated Sierra Leone high for international religious freedom in its annual report this year. It is the sixth annual International Religious Freedom report. The report outlines barriers to and improvements in religious freedom in countries throughout the world, and designates certain countries as 'Countries of Particular Concern' for severe violations of religious freedom. It makes clear that too many people in the world are still denied their basic right of religious liberty. Sierra Leone has been found to be very tolerant in terms of religious practice. 'Sierra Leone received high marks for respecting and fostering freedom of religion. The annual report found that the Government of Sierra Leone at all levels strives to protect this right in full, and does not tolerate its abuse, either by governmental or private actors,' the US Embassy in the capital Freetown states."