Update: Robert Goldstein Sentenced

June 20, 2003

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel


On June 20, 2003 the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that a "Pinellas County podiatrist who amassed weapons and a list of 50 Islamic centers throughout Florida was sentenced on Thursday to 12 1/2 years for plotting to bomb a mosque in retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks and ongoing suicide bombings in Israel... In his plea agreement, Robert Goldstein, 38, acknowledged telling a co-conspirator he 'wanted to do something for his people,' by which he meant Jews. In court on Thursday he tearfully apologized to the Muslim community, saying mental illness had left him 'in a very dark place, and in pain in my mind and soul'... U.S. District Judge James S. Moody gave the maximum term under federal sentencing guidelines, noting 'the seriousness of the offense and fear it struck in the community.' He said he would recommend Goldstein serve his time at a federal mental hospital."