Tobago to Get its First Hindu Mandir

April 19, 2007


Source: Trinidad & Tobago Newsday,55704.html

The first ever Hindu Mandir or Temple is to be established in Tobago with funding from the National Commission for Self Help Limited (NCSH). The NCSH, which is administered under the aegis of the Ministry of Community Development/Culture/Gender Affairs, has pledged a grant of $250,000 for the project which is being undertaken by the Tobago Hindu Society (THS), a member organisation of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago.

The NCSH’s financial commitment to the project was formally “endorsed” during a ceremony on location at the proposed site at Carnbee, on the western outskirts of Scarborough, yesterday.

Addressing the ceremony, NCSH chairman Krishna Ramkumar pointed out that the Commission has done a lot of work throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and indeed in Tobago itself. “We will continue to make this commitment to people in Trinidad and Tobago who are dispossessed or people who are in need; communities that are in need, you can feel free to come and apply to the NCSH where we will respond favourably depending on the availability of funds”, Ramkumar assured. He said construction of the Hindu Temple in Tobago was just another self-help project being undertaken in the country by the Commission.

The NCSH chairman stressed, “We don’t discriminate where projects are concerned; we do it across the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago. All religions benefit from the Self Help Commission and the Tobago Hindu Society is just another beneficiary of the Commission!” he asserted. The occasion had been promoted as a sod-turning ceremony but NCSH chairman Krishna Ramkumar explained that it was actually a “commitment” ceremony in which the Commission’s pledge of funding to the THS would be formalised. He said officials of the Commission would return for the official sod-turning ceremony when the THS had put everything in place.