Teens' Project Examines Discrimination Against Muslims in Wisconsin School

April 2, 2004

Source: Waukesha Freeman


On April 2, 2004 Waukesha Freeman reported, "Abqure Humbaq turned lots of heads at school earlier this month. The 16-year-old Oconomowoc High School junior, whose real name is Katie Rather, attended Hartford Union High School on March 18 wearing a hijab, a traditional headdress worn by Arab and Muslim women. 'Everyone was staring at me; watching me as I walked past,' Rather said. Rather was joined by fellow OHS junior Erin Edlhuber, who also 'attended' the Hartford school as a 'transfer student.' Edlhuber dressed like a typical American teenager...Rather and Edlhuber were conducting an experiment to determine how students from a predominantly white and Christian community would react to someone who was not like them. Rather and Edlhuber are students in Brad Ducklow's 'Understanding Differences' class. The elective class examines issues and root causes of intolerance and discrimination throughout history."