Teens from Areas of Religious Conflict Meet for Multifaith Youth Leadership Program

June 28, 2004

Source: Religion News Service/Auburn Theological Seminary


On June 28, 2004 Religion News Service posted a press release from Auburn Theological Seminary that reported, "On June 27, more than 50 teens from the Middle East, Northern Ireland, South Africa and the United States-Muslims, Christians, and Jews-will gather in upstate New York for the fourth year of Face to Face/Faith to Faith, an international, multifaith youth leadership program. Face to Face aims to develop a new generation of leaders who have the capacity to negotiate the challenges and opportunities of a multifaith global society. The program is rooted in the belief that young people of diverse backgrounds can find common ground despite the differences of religion and culture. The students, ages 16-18, are participants in this program co-sponsored by New York's Auburn Theological Seminary, a pioneer in multi-faith programming, in partnership with Seeking Common Ground, a Denver-based peace organization which has sponsored programs for youth in the Middle East and the United States for more than a decade."