Teacher Suspended Over Headscarf Incident

February 3, 2004

Source: The Associated Press


On February 3, 2004 The Associated Press reported that "a teacher at a suburban high school was removed from his classroom because of accusations that he yanked off a Muslim student's head scarf and allegedly told her, 'I hope God punishes you.'

West Jefferson High School principal Lale Geer confirmed Tuesday that social studies teacher Wes Mix had been sent home a day earlier, but declined to go into detail about the incident.

'All I can tell you is he's no longer at my school, and that's the way we handled it,' Geer said. 'The school is a good school, and we appreciate diversity. We have all different ethnic groups in our school.'

The alleged victim, Marym Matar, 17, told The Associated Press that the alleged incident occurred Friday as Mix was giving a test in his 10th grade world history class."