Sikh Woman Runs Country's Only Gurdwara

January 16, 2006

Source: Sikhnet/The Tribune!OpenDocument

On January 16, 2006 The Tribune reported, "Sohbag Kaur Khalsa, an American Sikh settled in Brazil, is running the only gurdwara in the country. Carrying the legacy of her late husband forward Sohbag, a yoga teacher, says there are no Sikhs but the gurdwara in San Paulo still runs packed with Brazilians who are regular visitors. Relating the story of how she and her husband, a Brazilian who had become a Sikh while in the USA, laid the foundation stone of Guru Arjun Dev Gurdwara, Ms Khalsa said, 'Nobody knew Sikhs in Brazil. We were the only two turbaned persons in that city. But it was our family dream and we broke ground in 2000. We made a guesthouse for visitors and a clinic. On the second floor, the gurdwara is built.' It was a huge task for the couple to build the gurdwara since there was no other Sikh sangat in the city to support the project. So, they went to the USA and had stayed with their family and worked for eight months to earn money for the project."