Samskara In Action

January 7, 2011

Author: Hari Bansh Jha


US President Barack Obama had made an historic appeal on June 22, 2009 under the United We Serve Campaign to extend support to Americans engulfed in the economic crisis. Not much is known about the response made by different groups to that call. It is known, however, that Hindu Americans responded with great zeal.

As per Obama’s call, Hindu Americans organised as many as 1,300 small and large seva projects through 120 Seva Centres during the summer of 2009 in different parts of the US. The largest number or 47 percent of the projects were related to poverty reduction, 30 percent to health, 9 percent to environment, 5 percent to youth, 4 percent to the elderly, 3 percent to education and 2 percent to refugee issues.