Pagans Celebrate Pride in Austin

October 5, 2008

Author: Patrick George

Source: The Austin-American Statesman

Shiro Shine, a longtime Wiccan and follower of the moon goddess Selene, had never been to Austin's Pagan Pride Day before but said she went to Wooldridge Square Park on a whim Saturday.

"I think it's fantastic," Shine said. "You won't find anybody saying, 'You're not the right religion.' "

Pagans, Wiccans, druids and a host of others came to the park on Guadalupe Street in downtown Austin to celebrate Mabon, a festival of thanksgiving that occurs around the fall equinox. More than 110 pagan pride days are held in countries around the world between the start of fall and October.

The Austin event was a breezy, sunny day of live music and dancing.

"It's just about religious diversity," said Cristina Flamboyan Ayala, the festival's local coordinator. "What we try to do here is make paganism as open as possible."