Pagan Population on the Rise in Nashville

June 17, 2006

Source: The Tennessean

On June 17, 2006 The Tennessean reported, "In the city of churches, there's a new congregation in town. Its numbers are small, but its gods are many. The Many Rivers Grove is the latest enclave of pagans in a city where their Bible-Belt bashfulness is fading. 'There's a ton of pagans in Nashville,' says Andi Houston, an organizer of the grove (or congregation). 'I've found Nashville to be very open and welcoming.' The summer sun is high, and so are pagan spirits. Local celebrations are set for next week's midsummer solstice. Many Rivers Grove hosts a family-friendly celebration at Long Hunter State Park in Hermitage today and Sunday. A public ritual will be held at 5:30 p.m. today, featuring songs, chanting and blessings upon specific honored deities. The weekend also includes camping and potluck, with ecology-minded emphasis on local produce and organic meat."