Over 100 Sikhs Serving in US Army Unable to Practice Their Faith, Says U.S. Leader

July 5, 2006

Source: The Indian Express


On July 5, 2006 The Indian Express reported, "There are almost 100 Sikhs who are currently serving in the US army. However they are denied the right to practice their religious faith. This was stated by Dr Rajwant Singh, a prominent Sikh leader and one of the founders of the Sikh Human Development Foundation based at Washington DC. 'It includes a Sikh lady soldier who is serving in Afghanistan as well', Dr Rajwant Singh remarked here [in Chandigarh, India] today. He added that the right to practice the Sikh religion and maintain their identity was taken away during the Reagan regime and since then the Sikh community has been pressing for its re-introduction. Among those who have promised their support include Senator Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Dr Rajwant Singh remarked."