Orland Mosque Now Pushes Forward With Little Opposition

August 8, 2004

Source: The South Town Daily


On August 8, 2004 The South Town Daily reported, "six weeks after Orland Park trustees voted to approve the village's first mosque over rancorous protests, the project is quietly moving forward. Mosque backers have already hit up local donors, including some non-Muslims sympathetic to their cause, for a 'significant chunk' of the $3.5 million it will take to build the house of worship, backers said. Meanwhile, promised political retribution has fizzled out. After Orland Park trustees unanimously approved plans for the mosque June 21, hundreds of protesters threatened to turn to the ballot box to evict Mayor Daniel McLaughlin and the three trustees facing re-election in April. Leaders of the planned Orland Park Prayer Center and village officials say they've heard little from opponents since."