Ohio Seminar to Address Counseling Services for Muslim Women

June 21, 2003

Source: Toledo Blade


On June 21, 2003 the Toledo Blade reported that "Aneesah Nadir said it’s no wonder many Muslims are afraid to seek counseling services, given the stereotypes many non-Muslim counselors have about Islam... Many non-Muslims, for example, assume incorrectly that Islam teaches that women are inferior to men. So if a Muslim woman complains of spousal abuse, it’s because of religious teachings... Spousal abuse, she said, 'has nothing to do with the faith. Some people just do dumb things...' It’s messages like that that Ms. Nadir and other Muslim speakers were trying to stress to about 150 non-Muslim counselors, psychologists, and others who gathered yesterday for a seminar at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo in Perrysburg Township [OH]."