NYPD Charges Man with Hate Crime Against Sikh Taxi Driver after UNITED SIKHS Intervenes

March 20, 2007

Source: United Sikhs Press Release


New York City, New York: The New York Police Department, in response to UNITED SIKHS’ intervention, has charged a 36 year old New Yorker, Anthony Bryant, with Hate Crime Offences in relation to an incident last October, after initially treating the assault on a taxi driver, Avtar Singh Dhanjal, as a lesser complaint of criminal mischief.

Assistant District Attorney (ADA), Bernice Ordonez, informed Avtar Singh and UNITED SIKHS director, Mankanwal Singh, that Bryant’s first court appearance is in April when he will appear charged with three offences as follows:

1. One count of Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree as a Hate Crime--for snatching the trip sheet out of the victim’s hands, punishable with up to maximum of 7 years imprisonment.

2. One count of Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree as a Hate Crime--for breaking the cab's mirrors, punishable with up to a maximum of 4 years imprisonment.

3. One count of Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree--for insulting Dhanjal, punishable with up to a maximum of 1 year imprisonment.