Non-Traditional Head Coverings Provide Alternative for Muslim Women

March 9, 2004

Source: Deutsche Welle,3367,1441_A_1135389_1_A,00.html

On March 9, 2004 Deutsche Welle reported, "Even as the headscarf row simmers in Germany, a Berlin Muslim has designed colorful alternative headgear that serves the purpose of a traditional hijab but looks like anything but...The search for the neutral, non-radical Islamic headscarf has resulted in a series of nine innovative headscarf models in varying colors and materials. Some resemble Charleston hats, others Nordic felt caps, and they all meet the needs of those Muslim women who interpret the Koran as requiring they cover their hair, ears and throat. 'Most of them are like ski caps or hoods with ear flaps that can be simply slipped over the head without needing any buttons or zips. The fabric has to be elastic like jersey and felt,' [milliner Susanne Gäbel, who runs a hat shop in the upscale Charlottenburg neighborhood] explains. The alternative headscarves start at €50 and are custom-made for each individual."