Muslim Student Told to Remove Headscarf in Johannesburg School

January 23, 2004


On January 23, 2004 reported, "A Johannesburg school has briefly barred a Muslim pupil from wearing a headscarf - a non-issue in other schools - but its governing body is set to review the matter, press reports said on Friday. Thirteen-year-old Lamiah Khan was told by the principal of her new school in Johannesburg to remove the scarf as it was not part of the uniform, The Star reported. Khan told the paper she was summoned by the principal and told that 'I chose to come to this school and that I should follow the school's rules.' However, the school authorities later decided she could wear the scarf until the governing body took a decision on the matter next week. Khan's father, Mohammed Khan, a teacher, has accused the school's authorities of discrimination."