Muslim Americans: Part of the American Mosaic

July 7, 2003

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On July 7, 2003 The Dallas Morning News reported that "the Islamic Society of North America chose the Fourth of July weekend to hold a regional conference in Dallas for a reason. Its leaders wanted to send a message to Muslims and non-Muslims that Islam is a part of the American mosaic... The theme of the conference was 'Better Muslims for a better America.' Islam can contribute to the strength of America, but only if Muslims are true to their faith, Imam Zaid Shakir of New York told his audience at one session... 'It will only get better if we, as Muslims, are better,' he said. 'We have to be more tolerant, starting with being more tolerant of each other...' 'Governments come and go. American Muslims, whether native-born or immigrants, do not,' said Mohamed Elmougy, chairman of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. 'This is our home.'"