Multifaith Community Rallies Behind Muslim Mosque Project in Voorhees

October 14, 2003

Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer

On October 14, 2003 The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the formation this month of a local pro-mosque group in Voorhees, the Coalition for Multi-Faith Democracy, has "drawn the Anti-Defamation League in New Jersey and the Interfaith Freedom Foundation in California to its cause. The coalition - made up of more than a dozen Roman Catholics, Methodists, Unitarians and Muslims - was created after many residents voiced opposition to the house of worship, planned at Berlin Road... 'We are now making great strides toward getting people of different religious faiths together,' said Lori Volpe, a Voorhees resident and member of the coalition. 'Instead of dividing us, this is unifying people. There are far more in the community who support it.'" The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish group with a Jewish board of directors and members of many religions and ethnic backgrounds, also said that it applauds the coalition and supports the mosque project. "'When we see individuals take the step of working together, we are very gratified,' said Sherry S. Kirschenbaum, associate director of the ADL's New Jersey office. 'The strength of our democracy is pluralism. Diversity greatly enhances the framework of American society.'"