MAS Launches Service Corp To Assist America's Needy

October 17, 2006

Source: Muslim American Society Press Release

The Muslim American Society (MAS) is pleased to announce the nationwide launch of its new charity and service division - MAS Service Corps (MSC).

According to Iyad Hindi, a North Carolina MAS leader and organizer who serves as coordinator for the initiative, MSC will function as the national, social and community arm of the Muslim American Society, and work for the benefit of the needy across the United States, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

"We want to advertise to Muslim communities around the nation that part of the mission, and action, of the Muslim American Society is to fulfill our Islamic duty by helping people here in the U.S. Our work will entail collecting funds and providing food and other forms of direct assistance for those who require help," Hindi stated.

Some of the MAS Service Corps projects planned for 2006-07 include: (1) an ongoing meat and food drive or the needy, (2) Ramadan meals for the hungry, (3) religious holiday gifts for hospitalized children, (4) repairing and building homes through Habitat for Humanity, and (5) providing domestic disaster relief.