Many Christians Feeling Disillusioned, Spiritual Needs Shifting

April 11, 2004

Source: swissinfo

On April 11, 2004 swissinfo reported, "The religious message of Easter is diminishing in importance for many Swiss, with some turning towards other faiths and beliefs to satisfy their spiritual needs. swissinfo spoke to Jörg Stolz, a sociologist and expert in religion, about the evolution of the Christian faith in Switzerland. Like many other countries, Switzerland is undergoing religious change. The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches – the country’s two main traditional religions – are going through difficult times, with many Christians feeling disillusioned. At the same time, there has been a move towards other beliefs, inspired by different cultures and the increasing number of religious communities in Switzerland. Stolz is professor of the sociology of religion and head of the Observatory of Religions in Switzerland, a body which researches the religious landscape in Switzerland. He told swissinfo that spiritual needs are profoundly human and are still part of modern society."