Living the Tenets of Compassion and Forgiveness

September 4, 2002

Source: Colorsnw

On September 4, 2002 Colorsnw reported that "Seattle's Issa Qandeel, [has been extraordinary] in the face of assault. Patrick Cunningham, a White Snohomish man, tried to shoot him last year after being discovered dousing two cars with gasoline outside Northgate's Idriss Mosque... Talking nearly a year after the incident, Issa says, 'I wanted to meet the guy to tell him about my background. (Tell him about) who I am.' Issa's attempts to meet with him were rebuffed by the Cunningham family. Cunningham pleaded guilty in May to two counts related to the attack. He was charged with obstructing the free exercise of religion and using a firearm in a violent crime."