Kosherfest Finds Muslims Increasingly Purchasing Kosher Food

October 30, 2003

Source: Reuters

On October 30, 2003 Reuters reported that "participants in Kosherfest 2003 in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday said kosher food, specially prepared to meet Jewish dietary laws, often also met the needs of pork-free Muslim diets. 'We have been told by supermarkets that there is an increasing interest from the Muslim community,' said Menachem Lubinsky, president of festival sponsor IMC Events and Exhibitions. 'The easiest way for (Muslims) to make sure that they don't consume pork or prohibited products is by buying kosher products,' Lubinsky said. The kosher diet dictates that meat and dairy products may not be cooked or eaten together. The animal or fowl must be slaughtered and examined by someone skilled and trained in kosher slaughtering."