Junior, High School Textbooks Lack Accuracy on Islam, Report Says

June 17, 2008

Author: Josh Kowalkowski

Source: The Boston Examiner


Misinformation, errors and disputed definitions about Islam abound in some junior and high school textbooks, a new report concludes.

“Outright textbook errors about Islam are not the main problem,” according to the June report of the American Textbook Council, an independent national research organization that reviews history and social studies textbooks used in schools across the country.

“The more serious failure is the presence of disputed definitions and claims that are presented as established facts,” one of the conclusions in the report stated.

Jihad, for instance, has had its meaning shifted in some cases to focus on less hostile aspects instead of how it’s widely portrayed as a “sacred” or “holy” struggle and viewed as a “holy war” in Muslim scripture, the report states.