Jewish, Muslim Teenage Girls Collaborate on Homeless Shelter Project

January 7, 2006

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wire Service: AP


On January 7, 2006 the Associated Press reported, "What started out as a modest effort to raise money for a homeless shelter has blossomed into a triumph of understanding and goodwill that managed to overcome centuries of conflict between two of the world's most antagonistic groups. Ten Muslim and ten Jewish teenage girls, meeting since May, have gotten much more than they bargained for: a genuine understanding of each other's culture and religion, and the realization of things they never knew about themselves. 'Project Provide A Home' was launched by the Palisades Emergency Residence Corp., a 40-bed shelter for single homeless people. It planned to open a shelter next door for families, and was looking for help... The word went out to local synagogues, mosques and religious schools, seeking young girls to work on the family shelter... So far, the girls have raised about $12,000 for the family shelter set to open next spring."