Interfaith Statement From Metro Detroit Religious Leaders

December 30, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Detroit Free Press

Salaam, Shalom, Peace,

Many have joined us in our prayers for working together for peace in the days ahead. May the God of Compassion and Mercy, draw all of us together with bonds of justice and reconciliation.

We recognize that all of the events in the Middle East have local implications. And, we know that our Metropolitan Detroit community longs to hear from its faith leaders -- to hear their prayers and their collective call for peace.

The violence in Gaza and elsewhere continues. In our own communities, there is demonizing of each other and too many of our community leaders seem to communicate through news reports and opinion pages of the newspapers rather than engage in any meaningful dialogue in person. We have continued to be involved in such dialogue and strongly encourage others to do the same.

We realize, that often what is "not said" can be just as hurtful as what is actually said. Silence at key points in community life can contribute to misunderstanding, bigotry and more violence. We are committed to speaking together for justice and peace when silence is hurtful.

We understand the statement that we have signed shows that the interfaith community: is still talking to each other; is praying for a long term solution to the problem in the Middle East; is asking for all to working locally for the collective good and for peace; and, denunciates violence on all sides, without finger-pointing at single side.