Interfaith Alliance Challenge Push Polls in Colorado

August 5, 2004

Source: Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_36_3088084,00.html

On August 5, 2004 Rocky Mountain News reported, "A group of religious leaders condemned a poll that they said attacked a candidate as 'anti-Catholic,' denouncing such tactics Wednesday as un-American and un-Christian. The Rev. Dr. Phyllis Taylor, of the United Church of Christ, joined the Rev. Jim Sunderland, a Jesuit priest, and the Rev. Chuck Mowry, president of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, and others in condemning such actions... The target of the attack was Golden City Council member, Gwyn Green, who is running as a Democrat in House District 23 against Republican Rep. Ramey Johnson, of Lakewood. The money for the poll came from the House Majority Fund, which helps Republicans maintain control of the House. But a Republican lawmaker who heads a political consulting group denied it was a so-called push poll designed to plant a negative impression of a candidate and said it never claimed that Green was anti-Catholic."