Indians Dismayed By Tina Turner's Roles as Hindu Goddess

February 27, 2004

Source: Indo-Asian News Service,001800010001.htm

On February 27, 2004 Indo-Asian News Service reported, "Some Indians are dismayed at Tina Turner essaying the role of the Hindu goddess Durga in Ismail Merchant's latest film, saying her pop star image is anything but divine. At the centre of the protests is Chicago businessman Avi Verma, who says he is an avid devotee of Durga. Verma, president of the Jai Jagadambe Foundation, has been organising 'jagrans', or community prayer sessions, every year. He also runs Jagran TV, a not-for-profit group that telecasts devotional songs dedicated to the deity. Verma said he and other Hindus strongly objected to Turner playing Durga because her pop star image did not go well with the role she was set to play."