Huntsville Muslims Mark Hajj by Feeding the Homeless

January 9, 2006

Source: The Huntsville Times

On January 9, 2006 The Huntsville Times reported, "On Tuesday, while Muslims on the other side of the planet are sacrificing sheep to symbolize Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, some Muslims in Huntsville will be offering a different sacrifice. To celebrate Eid ul-Adha - the final day of the hajj, or annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia - Muslims are expected to tend to the poor and hungry. The meat of the sacrificed sheep in Mecca is given to needy families. Here, Muslims will sacrifice their time and resources to feed more than 150 of Huntsville's homeless... [Dr. Razi] Hassan, who is a professor at Alabama A&M University, said the feeding of the homeless will be a joint project of the Masjid Tauhid, which is affiliated with the American Muslim Society of Huntsville, and the Masjid Alzahra, which is associated with the Alabama Islamic Education Center. The meals will be served at Interfaith Mission Service's First Stop, a day center for the homeless."