Hindu Temple to be Built in Wisconsin

September 5, 2000

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On September 5, 2000, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that after "years of making regular treks to Illinois to worship, Wisconsin Hindus finally have a temple close to home, a $4.5 million facility nestled among more than 20 acres of woods in Pewaukee...'We are still at a very young stage,' said Suhas Pawar, a native of India who designed the first Hindu temple in the state, which will serve as many as 1,000 families of Indian ancestry living in Wisconsin. 'There is much work to do, but we are all willing to do it, because this is what we've worked so hard for.'

"After raising about $2.5 million from the state's Hindu population to build the first phase of the temple, the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin's board of directors has begun a $250,000 to $500,000 fund-raising push for a second phase of construction that will put the finishing touches on the worship center...More than 400 families have donated to the temple's construction fund, some contributing up to $75,000. An additional $2 million in construction costs were covered by loans...Temple leaders hope to hold a grand opening for the temple, near I-94, in May 2001."