Hindu-Maya Cultural Dialogue Takes Place in Guatemala City

May 27, 2005

Source: Hindustan Times


On May 27, 2005 the Hindustan Times reported, "The Mayans of Guatemala - representative of the Maya civilization that flourished during the first millennium AD in Central America - believe their ancestors came to this part of the globe 20,000 years ago from the East. One of the most dominant ethnic groups, Kekichi Maya, has always had special attraction for India in the past as their forefathers have told them that the 'Naga tribes of Nagaland' were one of the four original branches of the Maya civilization. It is for these reasons and the similarities between the Aryan and Mayan civilizations, the people of Guatemala for long have been trying to establish contact with Indians and have a cultural dialogue. The first such dialogue formally gets going at Maya Village, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala on May 29... A 16-member delegation of intellectuals, academicians and scholars from six countries - mainly people of Indian origin - left Houston in Texas for the Guatemala City on May 27 to participate in the two day conference on 'Hindu-Maya Cultural Similarities.'"