Hindu Lesbian Couple Challenges State for Marriage Rights

June 27, 2004

Source: NCM


On June 27, 2004 NCM reported, "As San Francisco was handing out marriage licenses, the Northwest Women's Law Center and Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of six gay and lesbian couples who were denied marriage licenses by King County in Washington state. The suit seeks to overturn Washington's 1998 Defense of Marriage Act, charging that it violates the equal-protection clause of the state constitution. The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported that among the six couples were Mala Nagarajan and Vega Subramaniam, the only Indian-American lesbian couple party to the lawsuit. 'We pay taxes in King County; we like living here,' said Mala Nagarajan, 35, who joined the lawsuit with her partner of six years, Vega Subrananiam, 38 reported the Los Angeles Times. 'We want our marriage to be recognized - to have the same legal protections and rights heterosexual couples have.'"