Hindu Headteacher to Innovate

May 4, 2008

Author: Tristan Kirk

Source: Harrow Times


DAILY yoga classes, relaxing music and incense candles are all part of the vision for the first Hindu school in Britain.

The newly-appointed headteacher of the Krishna Avanti School spoke this week about the innovations she hopes to include in the new school in Edgware.

Naina Parmar said: "We want to have a nice, calm environment for the pupils, teachers and parents.

"We have to embrace the climate of change and be a school that innovates."

Ms Parmar was appointed as headteacher in January and has set her sights on extensively using the outdoor spaces within the new school, which will be built on the William Ellis Playing Fields, in Camrose Avenue.

She said: "Children will spend some time meditating in the outside grounds and we will be using the outdoor learning areas.