FBI Reports Rise of Hate Crimes against Muslims Post 9/11

November 27, 2002

Source: The Denver Post

On November 27, 2002 The Denver Post printed an editorial that stated, "the FBI's annual survey of hate crimes released Monday showed that in the aftermath of 9/11, threats, beatings and discrimination against people of Middle Eastern descent, Muslims and South Asian Sikhs (often mistaken for Muslims) rocketed more than 1,600 percent during 2001 to 481 incidents. That's significant, because with only 28 such crimes tallied in 2000, Muslims were barely on the radar screen the year before. In Colorado, hate crimes against Muslims totaled zero out of 165 hate crimes in 2000, but last year, 17 offenses were reported against the adherents of Islam out of a total 107 hate crimes of all types... Certainly the acts of a few murderous fanatics should never be used  to justify retaliation against innocent practitioners of any  religion. Indeed, in the wake of 9/11, several American Sikhs who wear  turbans and beards but aren't Muslims were attacked by ignorant  bigots who didn't know the difference, tragically, in some cases,  with fatal results."