FBI Official Meets with NY Muslims to Continue Building Strong Relationship

July 16, 2004

Source: The Stanten Island Advance


On July 16, 2004 The Stanten Island Advance reported, "Muslim cultural and religious leaders from across the city flocked to the Muslim Majlis Mosque in Concord last night to meet the head of the FBI's New York office for the first time. Continuing a dialogue begun by his predecessor, Kevin Donovan, who left the FBI last year, Pasquale J. D'Amuro met with the Muslim community over dinner at the mosque to answer questions, allay any fears, and ask for help in the war on terror... D'Amuro -- who said he's been working closely with the Muslim community in New York since 1997 -- also came to remind everyone that the FBI is working to protect their rights as American citizens... About 75 community leaders and members, mostly of Pakistani origin, welcomed the opportunity to continue building a strong relationship with the FBI, following the mistrust that pervaded the community immediately after the terrorist attacks in 2001."