FBI Investigating Threatening Note to Pomona Mosque

February 18, 2006

Source: NBC4-TV


On February 18, 2006 NBC4-TV reported, "The FBI is investigating a flyer found in a Pomona mosque, threatening to 'kill every last one of you,' an agency official said Saturday. The flyer was left at the Islamic Center of Claremont in Pomona on Feb. 3, according to Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations Southern California, which describes itself as the nation's largest Muslim civil liberties group. 'Americans of all faiths should be concerned whenever a house of worship is threatened,' Ayloush said. 'Religious and political leaders must speak out against the anti-Muslim bigotry that can prompt such threats.' An anti-Muslim sign was left outside a Texas mosque earlier this month and that the FBI was investigating attacks at a Michigan mosque, Ayloush said. In December, bombs damaged an Ohio mosque. Vandalism and other threats have been reported at other California mosques and those in Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas."