FBI Honors Mosque's Chairman

February 16, 2007

Author: Anna Varela

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


One of the leaders of Atlanta's biggest mosque was honored Thursday by the FBI for helping to build a relationship between the bureau and the Muslim community.

Dr. Mohammad O. Tomeh, chairman of the board of the al-Farooq Masjid, accepted the etched glass award Thursday morning as his wife, Fadia, took pictures and half a dozen TV cameras recorded the moment.

It was the first time the Atlanta FBI office honored a Muslim with its annual Director's Community Leadership Award.

After the ceremony, Tomeh reflected on the moment.

"It's really a very honorable award and very important award for the Muslim-American community," he said. "We are first U.S. citizens and then Muslim."

The Community Leadership Award was created in 1990 to honor people for efforts to fight drugs and gangs. Recently, it has been broadened to also recognize people who help in the fight against terrorism.